Paul Orchosky, CFP®


Paul is the Vice President of MGO Investment Advisors, and a Co-Founder of One Seven. He has a strong technical background in the design and installation of qualified retirement plans that make him a valued asset to the team. Paul's expertise is in helping his clients crystalize and then achieve their goals—but it's the forging of the personal relationship that is the real reward. Paul's motivation is to help each client live out the vision of their life, and because of this, many of his clients have become close friends over the years. To help those around him, Paul regularly conducts educational meetings and workshops for employee groups, and has spoken at numerous seminars on a variety of retirement planning issues. In addition, Paul is the Committee Chair of Boy Scout Troop 390 in Fairlawn, Ohio, and enjoys backpacking, biking and camping trips with his kids and the Scouts. Paul currently lives in Copley, Ohio, with his wife, Rosie, and their three wonderful children.

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