Richard Gross


Rick is the Director of Sales & Marketing of MGO Investment Advisors, and as a Co-Founder of One Seven he oversees the marketing and outreach initiatives for the company. To Rick, his work is not about "wealth management" as much as it is the relationships that are developed as a result. Knowing the client personally is essential in order to deliver top level service, and it's those interactions that excite Rick to go to work every morning. Rick's greatest quality is his attention to detail, having spent the first seven years after college serving on active duty in the Navy. Today, Rick currently resides in Solon, Ohio, with his wife, Tera, and their three children. Rick thoroughly enjoys spending time outdoors, one of his passions being tending to his backyard garden—a longstanding family tradition. In addition, Rick loves to golf and staying busy with his three sons, who are all actively involved in local youth sports leagues.

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